Falling Into the Rabbit Hole: Alcoholism and Ulcer

Alcoholism is a social and health problem in Australia. It can complicate relationships, careers, and the long-term physical well-being. One of them is obtaining a great risk of getting a gastric ulcer. The relation of alcoholism to a gastric ulcer is the same with how alcohol relates to everything. Moderation is good and excessive consumption is bad. Nonetheless, gastric ulcers caused by excessive alcohol intake can be a nuisance and life-threatening if left untreated. If you’re in Australia and know someone who suffers in alcoholism-related illness, you may call a doctor after hours Brisbane hospitals have nowadays.

Gastric Ulcer—a pain that wakes you up at night

A gastric ulcer’s pain is so unbearable that it wakes up people from their sleep in a fetal position, clutching their stomachs. It feels like your stomach is a cloth being wrung. After that, nausea and vomiting kick in. In cases like this, the pain is so severe that immediate professional help is needed. If your relative is experiencing unbearable stomach pain at the middle of the night, you can call a doctor after hours Brisbane has these days. A Brisbane doctor after hours such as those in Annerley and Chermside can see patients late at night and during weekends.

Alcoholism and Ulcer

To moderate alcohol consumers, it is surprisingly believed by doctors their stomachs can be protected from H. Pylori bacteria. On the contrary, excessive consumption of alcohol can either be one of the causes of gastric ulcer or it can worsen a person who was diagnosed with a gastric ulcer before. Moreover, a study found that the notorious partnership of alcohol and cigarettes worsens gastric ulceration. Areas in your stomach may bleed from irritation and holes may widen. Eventually, it will lead to more serious complications if left untreated.

Interestingly, people used to believe that spicy food, greasy food and stress caused ulcers, but doctors have found that gastric ulcer is caused by a bacterium in the digestive system called Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori. Worldwide, almost 50% are infected by it. It causes inflammation in the stomach lining, which is the burning pain a person feels when they have gastric ulceration. If you know someone who is frequently suffering from late-night gastric ulcer attacks, you can visit doctor after hours Brisbane has these days. You can book a doctor in Brisbane through the SmartClinics website. Check SmartClinics for more details.

Battling Alcoholism

Meanwhile, although no one has connected certain alcoholic drinks to causing ulcers, alcoholism is a different story. Gastric ulcer is the most common complication that all types of alcoholics share. Relapsing alcoholics who are diagnosed with it go beyond lengths by drinking dairy-based alcohol and even watering their drinks. Most of them are aware but aren’t willing to quit as long as medication exists. However, no matter how much treatment you get for gastric ulcer, it won’t go away as long as your alcoholism is untreated.

Gastric ulcer is only a part of a more destructive whole that is the alcoholism. Alcoholism is a progressive, crippling mental disease many Australians suffer these days. It is a social problem that is a frequent staple to problems like domestic and workplace violence. There are sorts of packages that alcoholism gifts to its sufferers—depression, anxiety, broken relationships and careers, and long-term chronic diseases. The doctor after hours Brisbane has these days are witnesses to people being rushed by their families to clinics late at night complaining about being poisoned by alcohol.

As of today, new drug treatments are being developed to increase the effectiveness of treating alcoholism. It is even reported that alcohol cravings may be possibly eliminated through a removal of a brain protein called RGS6.