How to Impress your Guests With a Catered Event Menu

When you plan a food and beverage menu for an event, it is advisable to work closely with a professional event planner to consider the less obvious catering menu items. This can help you come up with a delicious meal to meet the needs of your guests. Your goal is to provide the guests with a stellar meal that makes the event quite memorable.

Here are top steps you can follow to coordinate a tasty meal plan that can stand out.

Understand the profiles of your guest

It is important to know the profiles of the guests you have invited to the event. This can help a great deal when comes to catering services. Are you hosting a corporate event, wedding ceremony, or a religious function? In this regard, you should determine ethnic background, professional level, and the location of your guests.

Know the preferences of your guest

Once you understand the overall profile of your guest, you are in a better position to consider the best menu items to offer. In addition to the advice you get from a catering professional, you can follow these tips as well. For instance, you may include a milder menu for an older group or vegetarian options for those who are concerned about health and fitness. For younger and middle-aged guests, you can include spicier and more adventurous items. The bottom line is to include every taste of the attendees.

Choose a matching menu

Experts in event catering say that it is always advisable to have two meal options for your guests. This can help you ensure that every guest is comfortable with what is offered. For example, you can engage reliable Jacket potato caterers in the Midlands for a variety of meal options. Choose at least three types of meals for a specific group, two dessert options, as well as condiments. If you do not know what to include in each category, you should consult an expert.

Consider Special Needs

With more dietary options to consider in the market, it is important to find out in advance if any of your guests have special dietary needs. Your event caterer should address that prior to the event. Special considerations include food allergies or religious requirements. Consult with certified jacket potato caterers in Leicester for more information about this. Professional caterers have deep knowledge on food selections and can provide relevant information to help in your decision.

Include seasonal and fresh menu items

Consider the time of the year when you select your menu items. Season determines availability of the food items. For example, if you consider baked potato catering in the Midlands, you should confirm whether the food are available in enough quantity to feed your guests.

Fresh food is also important in the event menu. With careful planning, taking the advice of experts, and including the right foods for your event, you can come up with a sizzling menu item for your guests.

Great food is a major component of your event and you should not skimp on that. For more information about jacket potato caterers in the Midlands, visit