Synthetic or Human Hair Extensions

Have you ever wondered about the use of hair extensions? It is a useful hairstyling tool for women who want to expand their hairstyling options – you can use it to add length to your hair, boost volume or create different types of texture in an instant! It is, therefore, a good tool to use for women who are commitment-phobes when it comes to their hair. You can visit an expert hairstylist in hair extensions Bondi salon to get your extensions attached. However, there are also new types called clip-in extensions that are easier to apply yourself at home.
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Kinds of Hair Extension
When you are new to using hair extensions, there is often one question that the hairstylist will ask you at the hair extensions Bondi salon: synthetic or real human hair? These are the two main categories you have to choose from. However, the choice is not as easy or clear-cut as it seems. There are as many similarities as there are differences between these two types of hair extensions.
Synthetic: A synthetic hair extension is apparently one that is made from synthetic hair fibers. They are recommended for those who want versatility when styling their hair. With synthetic hair fibers, you will be able to achieve different textures and styles on your hair. You can even dye the hair extensions to match the natural color of your hair.
Human Hair: On the other hand, human hair extension is made from real human hair. The ethical debate about how the hair is obtained is no longer stopping women from buying this type of extension. Its advantage over synthetic hair extensions is obvious – it looks more natural and healthier. Therefore, it is the number one choice of hair extensions for women. It also allows the extensions to blend in nicely with your natural hair so they are a lot more difficult to detect; in fact, someone who lacks the skilled eye of hairstylists might not even be aware that you are wearing them.
To ensure the quality of your hair extensions and for optimum styling results, it is important to invest in salon grade materials. Do not just buy anywhere online. You need to choose a reputable seller to guarantee the authenticity of the products you get. Moreover, you should schedule an appointment with your hairstylist so they can apply the extensions to your hair. Depending on the type of extension attachment you are using and the thickness (or thinness) of your hair, the time it takes to apply the extension will vary.
It is also important to follow the recommended care and maintenance guidelines for your hair extensions. This will ensure that you can maximize the shelf life of your hair extensions. If not, then you will find yourself having to buy them over and over again.
If you are looking to apply hair extensions, make sure that you get good quality ones for best results. Visit your favorite hairstylist at hair extensions Bondi salon, too, to ensure that the extensions are applied properly. You can also check out Headoffice Hair Specialist online at